Experience before VDN

Matthew has worked closely with many acclaimed & recognisable pros:

MH in L.A. with legendary producer Peter Wolf [Go West, Wang Chung, Heart] after discussing Peter's studio techniques.

MH performing with Alex Hutchings [Waghorn Guitars - Signature Artist].

MH performed seven official times at Glastonbury Festival.

MH performing with Chris Jagger [Telegraph, Guardian/ Rolling Stones].

MH performing with Ben Waters [Rolling Stones, Jools Holland].

This live recording features Will Johns, son of Andy Johns [Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen].

MH recording with Farouq El Safi [Led Zeppelin].

MH recording alongside Robbie McIntosh [Paul McCartney, Pretenders].

MH performing with Gary Alesbrook [Kasabian].

MH performing with Phil King [Bristol Artist of the Year 2010].

MH at Berry Street Studios London, producing audio with Kevin Poree [Paul Young, Senser].

MH performing with Jorge Villa Mizar [4 x Grammy Awarded].

MH performing for Youssou N'Dour [African Voice of the Century].

One of the 1st VDN customers, Sarah Class [George Martin, Emmy Awarded].