Instructions for Use

1 Email VDN with an audio demo of your track(s) and some text description: the track can be with or without a drum track; and can be rough or refined.

2 In order to record for you, VDN will then need your stereo mix without drums of course. The stem needs to have the correct ‘tempo pre-roll’. Matthew prefers 16 beats count in.

3 VDN will take the drum-less material into process: notate, rehearse & reply you an audio demo mixed with VDN drums/ percussion.

3 Please email or telephone to give feedback, as you would if Matthew was your drummer in the room. Matthew needs to know what you think about the work he did.

4 Recalls are available at no extra cost, subject to reason.

5 When sender signs off on their VDN recording, and paypal payment is received at VDN: the full quality multitrack drum files as 24 bit WAV files are sent via drop box.

6 After downloading the files, sender can import and place the tracks into DAW